We Knew There Was A Problem


We started getting random bites. At first it was only me and then it was me and my daughter, then me and my daughter and son and and before we knew it, everyone but my husband was being eaten alive. We couldn't figure out what was eating us and why my husband wasn't getting eaten. Where were we going and what were we doing to expose ourselves to so many bugs while he was at work? Then we figured it out. We were all being eaten by bed bugs while we slept and he just didn't have an allergic reaction towards them like we did. We were devastated!

The Kids Are Dinner

As a parent you want the best for your children. I felt terrible that I couldn't even provide a safe home for my children where they could sleep soundly with out being eaten through the night. One morning my daughter woke up with 50 bug bites on her face. I certainly wasn't winning the mother of the year. I felt like a terrible mother and I felt helpless.




It was a very trying time in our lives and a lonely time too. Our bug problem was out of control. We were embarrassed and would keep to ourselves as much as possible. When we had to venture out, we'd lie about getting bit by mosquitoes or spiders at the park. We'd say our baby was sick and that's how we'd keep others away from our house. We were depressed and didn't see a way out.


I researched and researched about bed bugs and at first, the more I learned, the more discouraged I became. I didn't have a couple thousand dollars to pay for an exterminator. Bed bugs don't respond to bug bombs despite the packaging label. They live for over a year without eating so we couldn't leave and wait for them to die. They're alive and travel so there was no place in our home that we could guarantee was bug free. Then I started learning about some products and techniques that gave me hope. They were ideas that I felt I actually could implement into my busy life style and full house. For the first time, I began to think that maybe, just maybe, I could get control of my life again.

Time To Take Action

The first day we treated our house, I found bugs crawling on the walls of my son's room every time I went up there. I must have killed over 50 that day. They were dying and I knew we were on to something. At this point I knew that every day we were one day closer to having a bug free home again. We were on a mission and we didn't stop until every bug was dead.

I Want To Help Others

As I think about our experience, I can relate to others who feel desperate and are in despair about the bed bug infestation and I'm motivated to help. I want everyone to know that, although not ideal, if you have to tackle these bugs on your own, it is very possible to win and there is hope. No one has to live with bed bugs, and no one should.