BedBug Signs

  1. You wake up with bites you didn’t go to bed with.  Bed bugs are pretty aggressive so the amount of bites each night will continually increase.
  2. You find bites on you that are kind of in a line, like 2-4 bites near each other, maybe an inch apart.
  3. You find a blood spot or blood spots on the bed sheets.  If you want to, you can touch these.  These spots are smooth when left by bed bugs and a little more textured when left by cockroaches or other bugs.
  4. Not everyone is allergic to the bites so just because someone doesn’t show a sign of bites doesn’t mean they’re not getting bit.
  5. Bed bugs molt, or shed their exoskeleton 5 times.  Sometimes you can find these around your house.
  6. I knew I had bed bugs 3 months before I ever actually saw one but if you want to go on a hunt, there are some places you can look where you may have better luck finding them.  Just because you don’t find them doesn’t mean you don’t have them.
    1. Behind hanging pictures on the wall
    2. In corners where the flooring meets the wall
    3. In the seams on mattresses
    4. In the corners where the walls meet each
    5. In the corners where the walls meet the ceiling
    6. Behind and under hardware on beds

I would be pretty confident that if all you have is numbers 1 and 2, you probably have bed bugs.

It doesn’t matter where you get them.  Once you have them, all that matters is that you get rid of them!