Phoenix Area Hotels Are Infested With Bed Bugs

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Wondering if that hotel bed might be crawling with bed bugs? Worried you’ll be taking some of the critters home with you? It’s a valid concern. Check out this resource for finding hotels that have bed bugs so you can avoid them altogether.

I Hate Bed Bugs!

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

As a Mother of 5, I’m always looking to protect my children from harm. When my daughter woke up one morning with 50 bed bug bites on her face, I could no longer stand by and hope the methods I was using would somehow magically work.

My feelings during our bed bug infestation ranged from frustration, anger, embarrassment, to humiliation. I took action to solve the problem after realizing it would be hundreds or thousands of dollars to have a professional remove the bed bugs..and even then there were no guarantees.

My months of research and trial and error, and struggle to rid our home of bed bugs was grueling. The whole time we were hiding it from our friends and family because of the embarrassment. Nobody should feel that way..and now you don’t have to. Register for my upcoming My Bed Bug Story event and learn exactly the steps to take to get rid of these nasty little critters!

Tell me about your bed bug story. I’d love to hear how you’ve handled it.